You are Lucrezia Borgia. You are the scandal of Italy.

You are also the envy of Italy.

you best start believing in ghost stories. you’re in one.

Everyone’s sores have gotten worse along with their dysentery. My buddy Runner has a bone-cracking bout of malaria. This island has an exotic name that translated means “the death of hope”. Thinking of you always, Robert.

here are some photos from my trip to austria! pictures are from salzburg, vienna and the alps nearby salzburg. what a gorgeous, magical country <3

There’s no politics here, it’s just good old-fashioned revenge.

the pacific - okinawa

we’re never getting off this island.

for he today that sheds his blood with me

shall be my brother.

ipsa scientia potestas est - knowledge itself is power

i just wanna know the truth.

you already know.

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