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hales-emissary: god the whole interview looks like such propaganda *facepalm*





I’m SO CONFUSED by that quote and that entire article. If they don’t want to be more inclusive, or can’t be more inclusive for whatever reason (such as conflicts with the network), they should at least stop drawing attention to the subject! The way Teen Wolf keeps patting itself on the back for ostensibly doing something it’s obviously not doing at all is MIND-BOGGLING.

Seriously, let’s do the math. Off the top of my head we’ve had Danny; Caitlin; Caitlin’s dead girlfriend; Ethan; and now Mason. None of them could possibly be considered major characters— Caitlin was a guest role brought back one time for a brief cameo, Caitlin’s dead girlfriend died pre-credits, and Ethan peaced out after one lackluster season.

Danny was a recurring character for three seasons, but the showrunners didn’t even deem him important enough for his absence from the fourth season to be announced beforehand or even be acknowledged in canon. And it’s painfully clear that Mason - who, so far, is nothing more than an insignificant recurring sidekick to a new recurring character - is the current token minority in terms of sexuality (and race— which makes it worse, because his presence coinciding with Danny’s absence could be interpreted to mean there’s no room for more than one queer person of color on this show).

That’s five confirmed queer characters. Five. Out of the hundreds of characters that must have featured on the show by this point. ALL OF THIS IS SO STATISTICALLY INCORRECT IT HURTS.

I was going to keep my mouth shut

but the 5 thing, is wrong. 

What they are praising in the soundbites is that they are treating homosexual relationships with nonchalance, to use their own word, that means they are no more worthy of mention than lamp posts which is an amazing feat and one they are pulling off very well

and it’s clearly working because you’ve not noticed a lot of what goes on. 

Beacon County has a large gay community, certainly one large enough to warrant a large night club, one where Danny is able to talk to people he knows well, now that night club could have been a random night club but Davis specifically set the scene in a gay club, which featured men kissing and dancing together, and Danny lamenting his on again off again boyfriend

so that’s two

when erica goes through her transformation when the class is asked who wants to work with her nearly all the girls in the class put their hands up as well as the boys

you’re right about Caitlyn and Emily, and how Caitlyn was revealed as a bisexual character, although it’s implied that Emily was a lesbian, and no one made a crude joke, or demeaned it. 

There’s Ethan, - so that’s 5, Jennifer and Kali, who almost certainly were lovers, both of whom are shown to be bisexual, 7, Lorraine and Maddy 9, and that’s not including the random details, or the rather explicit coding that Stiles is not only bisexual but struggling with his identity. We have official apocrypha that Deaton had a boyfriend, but in love with Talia so he’s probably bisexual too. Mason as well, there’s another one. There’s 11, not including Stiles.

Now I want you to go through say Buffy, or TVD the first four seasons or so and count off how many named gay/bisexual characters are present. Any other show aimed at the same audience and you’ll find the numbers are no where near.

Now the only character to have defined themselves in canon is Scott - literally, the only one, it’s remarkable in fact.

No one else at any point defines themselves or their sexuality and that’s the point - that’s what teen wolf is aiming for, that it’s no more remarkable than lamp posts that you are who you are end of conversation, and it says so much about scott that he’s the only one who does that and even he does it with “I like girls, coach” Danny is said to play for the other team, Mason just leches openly over Brett. Caitlyn is at home with sexuality but Emily was scared. Lorraine openly lived with Maddie in what was probably the seventies or eighties - a time where it was not de rigeur at all.

It’s NOT perfect, and I’m not going to say that, what I am saying is it’s better and maybe the whole point is going over people’s heads, which is another flaw. By making homosexuality/bisexuality unremarkable not every viewer is going to pick up on it - the problem is that the world we need is not the world that they want. We need validation, we need rainbow stickers and labels, and Davis, he wants to show the world as it should be - without them being needed. We’re not there yet

and yes the show could be better, but you know what, watching Stiles come to terms with his sexuality is probably better than Danny’s out and proud for a lot of teens, because not everyone is there yet, and really, Stiles isn’t there yet, which is why I didn’t number him in the list.

I make 11 homosexualbisexual characters, 12 if you count the one at the bar with Danny, and many more open to the idea but not explicitly referenced, and I bet that it’s a lot more than most shows aimed at teens manage.

lmao what a fucking dog shit counterargument.

athenadark, you are supporting the exact same bullshit hairsplitting mentality that teen wolf has been capitalizing so much on since season one. “oh, what do you mean you want more queer representation? we made GIRLS raise their hands in a CLASSROOM to be erica’s partners once!!!” and “it’s not FIVE side characters used to progress the heterosexual main characters’ plots and development, it’s ELEVEN OR TWELVE!” 

you want to congratulate teen wolf on making its queer representation “no more worthy of mention than lamp posts”? you want??? to champion that??? or marvel at it??? how is what they’re doing any better than the shows that erase us entirely or make our lives into melodramatic “issues” at every turn? 

because all i see on Teen Wolf when i look for characters like myself are people who only exist when it’s convenient for heterosexual characters to interact with them or when they exist in deliberate opposition to the heterosexual mains and have to be killed. you want to rely on all of this information that is present and given to us ONLY outside of canon— like the fact that deaton was originally supposed to have a boyfriend— and call that representation?? THIS SHOW EXISTS OUTSIDE OF TUMBLR!!! this show is being presented constantly to people who don’t have that information available to them and don’t know or care about where to find it, and Teen Wolf has MASTERED the art of giving us the queer subtext table scraps that we’re starving for while not doing anything that would upset or offend their mainstream viewers.

and that’s my problem with Teen Wolf. it’s 2014, and Teen Wolf is a show that is aimed specifically at TEENAGERS, is profiting off of having a show that reduces queer characters to something “no more worthy of mention than lamp posts” while spreading the lie around that it’s queer-friendly! oh, look at how relatable it is that stiles stilinski once thought about the possibility of liking boys, only to decide that he doesn’t— don’t you know straight white boys who question their sexuality once on a fluke are the people who need more characters to relate to in TV and film??? great job, Teen Wolf! add another tally on the “queer-friendly” side of the board!

when you’re dealing with representation of characters who are actively oppressed and harmed for their sexuality in real life, athenadark, you don’t get to sit there and count up the number of bullshit examples of “representation” that exist and use it to support Teen Wolf’s claim to a “non-heteronormative world.” this world they’ve made doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so you have to count the number of times that a queer character was respected by the narrative and given a real personality and not written off only to be replaced by another queer character in the realest example of queer tokenism i’ve seen in YEARS. you have to count the number of times a queer person saw a character on Teen Wolf and thought “this character matters, so maybe i matter, too.”

again: it’s 2014. buffy the vampire slayer— which is arguably the show that defined the teenaged supernatural dramas genre— ran from 1997 to 2003 in a climate that was even less queer-friendly, and it still gave us willow and tara. was it perfect? no, FUCK NO. but willow was a dynamic and beloved character and people fucking took notice when a character they’d loved for years and years fell in love— explicitly, openly, completely— with another woman. 

but, oh, don’t you know??? stiles stilinski being a straight white dude who questions his sexuality for all of two seconds before ultimately deciding he’s NOT interested in people of the same sex is IMPORTANT!!! straight white boys need more representation in media, always!!! his struggles not only speak for straight white boys, but also to the entire queer community!!! good job, Teen Wolf, you’re the BEST!

i’m not really sure where your BOGUS assertion that the NUMBER of queer background or side characters dictates how queer friendly a show is, but if we’re going to do math, let’s just go ahead and say that— by default, based on the social impact of them merely existing— main characters are worth 5,000 points, minor recurring characters are worth 100, and non-speaking girls who raise their hand in science classrooms are 5. 

whaddya know, Teen Wolf is still trash at representing queer people, and your steaming-pile-of-dog-shit argument here should get tossed in a garbage can along with it. simply existing isn’t enough as long as people are still being oppressed and violated and made to feel inferior by society at large because they are queer. quality over quantity, okay, and Teen Wolf’s quality is self-congratulatory and pathetic.

Also, just take a look at that Advocate article. How many of the people they’re quoting play a queer character on the show?

None. A grand total of none. Why? Because the people who do play queer characters are not major enough characters on the show to be doing any press AT ALL. (That’s pretty much the definition of tokenism, right there.) Because again, a grand total of NONE of the main characters on this series are explicitly coded as queer. They quoted the kid who plays Liam, but not the one who plays Mason. When they were bringing in a bunch of new characters this season, why is it that they didn’t just make Liam the gay one? Why can’t both Liam AND Mason be queer? Because Jeff and his staff made the decision that none of their main characters, not even the brand-new ones, are going to be gay. Like the characters on this show who are actually queer are literally so insignificant that they’re not worth talking to, even for the fucking Advocate.

Honestly Teen Wolf would be just another show that’s not trying very hard if they didn’t keep patting themselves on the back for doing such a great job when they’re actually doing a seriously mediocre job. I do have to say that the comments on that Advocate article are gold, though… it seems that this show’s fans are like 1000% done with that bullshit.



do u ever look at someone’s characterization of one of ur faves and just sit there offended on behalf of the character

Yeah, but the problem is that it’s the showrunner.


Look y’all, I’m not in Teen Wolf fandom anymore, I cop to that. BUT THIS is a total shit show. 

Fandom belongs to FANS and should not EVER be on a website that the powers that be create for their own purposes or in the control of a corporate sponsor (.mtv is not cute). Placing work on the website, ADMITTING to the desire to move fandom into an area where they have more control and removing the interaction fans have with each other to a space in which 1. you don’t hold the rights to your work and standards are set not by the community but the powers that be and 2. you’re removed from the traditions of fanspace is totally gross and inappropriate on their part. They aren’t the first ones to try this bullshit either, they’re just cloaking it in different words.

Please don’t fall for this and if you DO and are curious about it please carefully read the TOS for the site you are signing up for and learn about how they can and will use your content for profit in the future. Protect yourself, protect your community. Ultimately, it’s your choice but it should always be YOUR choice and YOUR experience and YOUR fandom. Bringing it out of the realm of fans, where you didn’t create the website, you didn’t make the rules, you can’t do whatever the fuck you want, is not okay. It’s not what fandom is about. Teen Wolf PTB aren’t PART of fandom. You are.


when i die i want teen wolf executive producer jeff davis to lower me into my grave so he can let me down one last time


Ian Nelson vs. Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale



I’m going to get right to the point. There’s a difference between shows wanting nothing to do with LGBT portrayal in their stories and then there are shows that think they are doing something amazing when it comes to queer representation without actually delivering. Teen Wolf was a show that started with amazing potential for gay representation but over the years, everything has been downhill.

READ MORE: Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey: ‘we emphasize the gay storyline’…Wait! What?


First and last episodes of each season.

Rest in peace Allison Argent.


to say I really think Chris Argent should semi-legally adopt Derek Hale and they should live together and help each other through the common experience of having every worthwhile member of their family die in front of their eyes while their worthless bag of trash relatives continue to just live and live and live for no discernible reason? I think it could be really good for them.


"God, he’s just trying so hard to escape. He wants to save you, but I’m afraid it’s a bit too late."

AU: Derek is possessed by a demon, and it uses his biggest fear against him. The person he loves more than anyone, dying just like his family did.

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